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Islam and democracy
By Greg Lopez

The founding of this nation was based on an understanding that this is a plural society in more ways than one – culturally, linguistically, spiritually, politically and even in economic systems. The constitution allows for Malaysians of all persuasions to find their place in this country.
This has been a factor for Malaysia ’s continued success, not the Barisan Nasional, but a constitution that has protected the nation from the abuse of Barisan Nasional. What do I want to say?
I want to say that Malaysia , led by Umno, is taking the slippery slope towards becoming an Islamic state. The founding of Umno was based on “Ketuanan Melayu”. This obviously does not hold much water anymore. Therefore, they are now using radical Islam to win back Malay support.
We are not to worry about PAS as we know the intentions of PAS. They have stated it clearly. PAS’ objective is an Islamic state. I am confident most Malaysians reject PAS.
Using an annual freedom survey conducted by US’s Freedom House, we are able to make the following deduction. Islamic countries do not rank highly when it comes to democratic freedom (personal and civil). The Freedom House Report on Religious Freedom states it very clearly.

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