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ICC Note

Christians are the minority in this majority Muslim country, and they are often threatened and many times attacked for their faith.

Indonesian Pastor Attacked by Muslims

Voice of Martyrs

Although he lost his teeth from a machete attack by a Muslim fanatic, Santoso returns with new teeth to share Christ.

“Santoso” is a farmer and a pastor for a small village church in Indonesia . He was attacked on the way home after sharing Christ with Muslims on a farm in the city of Poso . He and a friend, both on motorbikes, were hit with a machete wielded by a Muslim who jumped from a bush. The Muslim tried to cut off his head but missed, hitting him in the mouth. He ran to his village holding his face. Because of the attack Santoso lost 10 teeth and damaged his tongue and his friend’s fingers were cut off. (This was the third attempt on Santoso’s life.) VOMedical staff has flown him to Java twice for treatment and is happy to report that Santoso now has teeth implants. Before going into his last surgery, he told us, “I read Ephesians 1:19 which promises God’s great power to us who believe. God sends me power so I can bear suffering. We rejoice that one Muslim has come to Christ.”

Christians across the 3,000 inhabited islands of Indonesia are suffering increased attacks, church burnings, imprisonment and threats from angry mobs because of their bold faith in Jesus Christ!