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ICC Note

Christians in India continue to be persecuted in many parts of India . The government is attempting to curb some of this persecution, as the below article indicates, and positive steps are being taken to protect Christians from future attacks.

India ‘s Christians “jofully welcome” the appointment of a new minister for minority affairs

by Nirmala Carvalho

Asia News (01/30/06)

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The creation of a new Ministry for Minority Affairs is a “positive sign” for India’s Christian communities, even more so the appointment to the post of A. R. Antulay, ex provicial prime minister of del Maharashtra, an “a seasoned politician with an impeccable secular image”.

With these words John Dayal, President of All India Catholic Union, comments on the cabinet re-shuffle carried out by Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh 20 months on from his election, which concluded with the creation of 19 new ministries at a political level – “a noteable gesture”.

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