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As ICC has noted in the past, the persecution of Christians only increases the Church and countries that often see the worst suffering and persecution (like China) also see a huge growth in the number of those that come to Christ often because they see the peace of the Lord through those being persecuted.

Persecution Gives Rise to Interest in Christianity

Lillian Kwon

Christian Post (01/30/06)

Christian Persecution Gives Rise to Interest in Christianity

Religious persecution remains high throughout the Middle East despite noted increases in freedom. But, as it seems, the antagonism has given rise to greater interest in the Christian faith.

“Efforts to suppress and to vilify Christians, for some people, actually produce a reaction that increases their curiosity and their interest,” according Lee DeYoung, vice-president of Words of Hope. “And thankfully, we’ve heard accounts of people who quietly share, Christians sharing with Muslim neighbors who ask them about their faith and why they believe what they believe.”

DeYoung noted in a recent interview with Mission Network News that such countries as Saudi Arabia are known to be more open to the “idea of wondering” about Christianity than other Middle East countries.

Saudi Arabia , however, has been cited for its worsened political rights or civil liberties in the latest Freedom House report – “Freedom in the World 2006.” The only other Middle East country with worsened human rights was Iraq .

Amid the rising Christian interest, violence in the Middle East continues to victimize religious organizations including raids of Christian worship services in Saudi Arabia and the latest bombings of four Iraqi churches that left at least three dead and nine wounded. The four car bombs exploded outside the churches Sunday afternoon within a short 20-minute span. The ongoing violence comes as Christians continue to flee from the country.

Nevertheless, the increased talks and acts of antagonism open an “invitation to explain what Christianity is about.”

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