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Christians brutally attacked: 6 persons critically injured

Central Chronicle ( Bhopal , India )


In a gruesome incident about 40 unidentified persons brutally attacked Christian community members, who were attending a prayer meeting at the house on Saturday morning.

The outlaws, armed with swords and other lethal weapons barged in to the house of Fredric, where the prayer meeting was underway and attacked the hapless victims, who were about 26 in number. Six people were grievously injured in the attack.

The seriously injured with fractured legs, hands and head injuries were admitted in various hospitals of the City. The miscreants wrecked the entire household leaving the injured before fleeing the spot of crime. While leaving the spot, they damaged a Qualis and other vehicles parked outside the house.

The sources said that Pastors Sam Francis, Sangtani, David Sudarshan, Ivin Perera and Minz were seriously injured in the attack.

The Christian community, political leaders, Madhya Pradesh Minority Commission and other organisations widely condemned the dastardly act of the religious fanatics. On receiving the news, the secretary of All India Christian Council, Dr Abraham Mathai, reached the state capital to have a first hand information of the incident, the sources said.

In an emergency meeting held here in the night the Christian leaders of the city, headed by Pastor CP Mathew, while condemning the attack, have decided to take out a protest rally on Sunday.

Jamuna, Manak flay attack

Leader in opposition in Assembly, Jamuna Devi has strongly condemned the attack of Bajrang Dal on Christian community members, who were engaged in prayer. Jamuna Devi visited the site of attack Bharati Niketan located KD Pandey’s houses’ glasses were broken and several people were injured in the attack.

She also visited Hamidia Hospital and had talks with injured people. She met Saint Francisco, Abdul Majid, Ivon Parera and Kishore and gathered information regarding treatment.

She has demanded immediate arrest of Bajrang Dal workers and stringent action against them. She alleged that BJP is registering fake cases of religion conversion against Christian community.

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Congress Community (MPCC) spokesman Manak Agarwal has strongly criticized the attack of Bajrang Dal at Bharti Niketan situated at LIG -210, Govindpura.

In the attack, various weapons were used and around 15 persons were injured, who were later admitted to Hamidia Hospital and 1250 Hospital and attackers damaged various materials, cars, scooters etc.