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Indigenous Christian aid workers face opposition in tsunami zones.

January 27, 2006

Mission Network News

Christian Workers Face Opposition in Tsunami Zones

In some flood-devastated regions of Tamil Nadu, anti-Christian groups are forcing Gospel for Asia missionaries to minister in secret.

Despite accepting aid from GFA relief teams, these prominent groups have threatened to throw new believers out of their villages and deny them access to the water supply.

Some of the villagers told a GFA team that because of persecution, they were afraid to openly profess Christ in their village.

GFA native missionary Timothy is one of the relief workers. In spite of difficult accommodations and even beatings, he has been working in the same district since the day of the tsunami.

According to GFA, even though it is impossible to start new fellowships in some places, existing churches are growing rapidly. That alone encourages many of their workers.

One church leader shares, “Sometimes our missionaries meet people who say, ‘Some time ago, I heard the message of love. Through that I met Jesus.’ In the same way, after some weeks, months or years, there will be fruit here. That is my confidence.”

Please pray for that their testimony will remain bold.