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Shockwave Mobilises Thousands of Youth Worldwide to Pray for Persecuted Church

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Youth across the UK are set to join thousands across the globe to pray for some of the 200 million Christians that are persecuted and suffering because of their faith in Jesus Christ.
Millions of Christians are suffering in silence, reports Open Doors, and so across the world youth ministries and individuals are gearing up to pray for them.
The global 2-day event will take place from March 3-5, 2006.

The prayer event will take place in Shockwave chatrooms as well as prayer meetings throughout many countries in the world.
Shockwave will commence in New Zealand and will work its way across the time zones, aiming to act as a wave of prayer engulfing the globe for the persecuted church.

“Please join us in being part of this powerhouse of prayer and see lives and nations changed as a result. It is the very least, and at the same time the very most we can do, for brothers and sisters across the world being persecuted because of their faith in Christ.”
One Shockwave participant from Australia in 2005 explained the passion seen in the event last year: “Many of us joined together in Sydney to pray. There was an incredible sense of unity as we came together from different churches. It was a real buzz to think that many other people worldwide would be joining us in prayer.
“When I came home I couldn’t help but think how happy God must have been, when He saw His global church come together in unity, with one purpose in mind. I believe SHOCKWAVE has already impacted the world now and will continue to impact the future.”