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ICC Note

Gao Zhisheng has been repeatedly threatened and harassed by the PSP (the police in China) for his work in standing up for human rights – particularly because of his work trying to protect underground pastors. The below shows how the police wish to destroy him, and any other person standing up for the rights of Christians in China.

Chinese Police Resort to Abusive Phone Calls to Harass Gao Zhisheng

By Lin Gao

The Epoch Times (01/24/06)

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January 22 was the second day of attorney Gao Zhisheng’s journey to his hometown in remembrance of his mother, who had passed away. Although he was not followed by the usual contingent of police cars as he made his way to his home city of Taiyuan , the police found yet another method to harass him. They called on his phone while he was driving and shouted streams of abuse at him, including, “Someday you will be finished.”

Gao is faced with severe pressure from his brother, who is concerned about his safety, as well as criticism from some Chinese. Gao said that although the human rights lawyers in China are regarded by foreigners as heroes, the real tragedy is that none of them are stepping up to defend the rights of persecuted believers.

Gao’s journey home took place during the worst weather in 54 years in the regions through which he passed. Heavy snow and fog reduced the visibility to only a few meters, turning the normally five-hour journey into an eleven-hour ordeal.

Gao was traveling with friends. They were just commenting on the absence of secret police tailing them when Gao received three calls on his cell phone. Since Gao did not recognize the number on the caller I.D., he assumed that the call was from the media or from overseas, so he answered it with his usual “hello.” The caller spoke standard Mandarin (Putonghua, based on the Beijing dialect) with a Beijing accent and shouted abuse at him. Gao said, “It is really hard for me to repeat the dirty words. It is too filthy to repeat.”

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