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Who is Really Taking The Koran Out of Context?

By Pete Fisher (01/22/06)

The American

Who is really Taking the Koran Out of Context?

I have written several articles about Islam and my questions as to its authenticity and position as a religion of peace. In response I have gotten many different emails and calls varying from an overwhelming support to the handful of apologists who claim I am taking Islamic writings out of context. As well as the threats of many who wish me dead simply because I disagree with Islam.

So I have to wonder once more about the texts in Koran and other writings. But the way I see it is definitely not PC and will my views be aired on MSM.

We keep hearing about how Islam has been hijacked by extremists and is being misused to distort the true religion as some practice it. Perhaps if this were truly a small minority that concept could be accepted. This is hard to fathom however when there are hundreds of terror groups worldwide with the full intent to wage Jihad, eliminate the Jewish people, and slay those who refuse to believe. I believe Islam has a history of hijacking alright, it just has little to do with misunderstanding the Koran.

Islam began in an area inundated with Jewish and heretical Christian groups scattered about Arabia when Mohammed began plotting his position as the last prophet whose words would supercede any before him. All he had was his limited knowledge of those he spoke to, and being illiterate he had no way to prove what they told him and therefore ended up with a strange understanding of Judaism and Christianity as evidenced by his passages about them in the Koran.

That is why most heretic Christian sects were living in Arabia at the time; they were not recognized as having a full deck or a solid understanding of the Christian tenets. Judaism had been established for thousands of years prior as a recognized and practicing religion with Christianity as an offshoot.

So in my opinion Mohammed took his limited understanding and formed his opinion using hijacked ideology from both of these religions. Living in an area where the Arabs worshipped several gods, he chose the name Allah. Which has its’ origins to the Babylonian god Bel, and was written about in earlier writings long before Mohammed came about.

Now Judaism is a fully accepted religion by Christians, it began by Jews and was written by mainly Jews. And one can see the harmony in both Bibles as Christians simply believe they are the promised extension of Gods’ Chosen people. They believe in the Jews as Gods people, Israel as Gods’ nation, and Jerusalem as the Holy City . The Jewish people understand that Christianity recognizes them as Gods’ people and their nation as Gods’ nation. Without Judaism Christianity could not exist, with the Jewish Bible an integral part of Christianity. To the Christian they cannot be separated.

And along came Mohammed with his dream to become the next Messiah, using a warped understanding of both previous religions to create his own. And looking at the Islamic writings one can easily see the great difference between the other two. The fact that Mohammed calls for their extermination should be the first thing to note. Secondly, to the Christian, Mohammed calls Jesus a liar and refuses to recognize His position and mission. Does the Koran use the word liar?

No, but it dismissed His claims of being the First and the Last, it dismisses His resurrection, and claims He was never born of a virgin. The very basic tenets of Christian faith based on Jewish prophecy. Mohammed usurped the role of Messiah, and in the act of doing so created a cult based on the antithesis of Judaism and Christianity. Yet the Muslim apologists claim they respect all religions, and prophets including Jesus Christ. This would be like me claiming I have great respect for women as equals in the sight of man and God, yet continue a life of oppression and second citizenship treatment towards my wife.

Islam is a hijacked form of the great religions before it, and I believe because it was conceived in evil it will remain inherently evil. There are billions of Christians and Jews on this planet, yet we do not have hundreds of organizations that plot terror on innocent people every day in the name of our God with passages used from our writings to endorse those acts. I cannot be convinced at this time that it is merely a small minority within Islam that conduct themselves as such. The largest populations of Muslims remain in Indonesia , Pakistan Saudi Arabia, Iran , Iraq , Syria , and Egypt . Malaysia , several nations in Africa like Libya all contain the largest supporters of terror on Earth. The only ones we hear constantly making claims of peace are generally in the West. This tells me that the largest populations of Muslims adhere to the doctrines of oppression and slaughter contained within the Koran and Hadiths. Because the numbers show the terror groups are largest within the areas where Islam is the mandated religion.

Yes, there are Muslims who despise terror and fight against it. But I believe it is because the terror is killing Muslims, even when the targets are non-Muslim. I think that if Muslims did not feel the direct impact of terror, the support for it would be much greater and the results worldwide would be disastrous. Yet the terror groups use direct quotes from the Koran, and they try to emulate the life of Mohammed by using the sword to impose their beliefs.

So is it those hundreds of millions of people who use these passages to commit evil and form Jihad who take those passages out of context? I find this highly improbable. That the Mullahs in whom run Iran and Saudi Arabia , and other populous Muslim nations could all be wrong. They call for the extermination of a people and nation that created the two great religions prior to Mohammed, and from the other side of the mouths tell us how tolerant they are.

Mohammed essentially hijacked other religions to create his own little place in history. He saw the benefit of lying to create a false sense of security with those he hated, he saw no issue with waging battle, he encouraged rape with his 24 hour marriage law when conquering other lands and people, and he himself mentioned Jihad 164 times within the Koran. All of these characteristics so deplorable to the Jewish and Christian tenets, yet according to Mohammed, he got these words from the same God who made promises to Israel that they would survive and continue through all generations. So he in essence also called the God of Abraham a liar as well. Mohammed took it upon himself to change what God promised. And desired to exterminate those whom God called His chosen.

So to the apologists of Islam and the Koran, I can only wonder whom it is that really takes the Koran out of context. And if you truly have a heart to serve in holiness, that you take a closer look at whom is taking what out of context.

And I would suggest you begin with Mohammed who took so much of Judaism and Christianity out of context to begin something so contrary to both of them.

And then I would sit and wonder why you few, you chosen few have the answers when the largest populations of Muslims tend to agree with my assessment. That Jihad must be waged, that every mouth should proclaim Allah god and Mohammed his prophet regardless of the lies and deceit, and terror that needs to be involved in order for the world to believe that your god and prophet are the path to holiness.

I am not the one taking Islam out of context, and I can prove it with the acts of millions of Muslims worldwide.

I highly doubt you can do the same.