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Christians have been under persecution from radical Muslims in the Moluccas area in Indonesia , and while Indonesian authorities are usually slow to act in arresting those who have attacked Christians, the below discusses the arrest of a “terror suspect” who took part in some of these attacks against Christians.

Police arrest another terror suspect in the Moluccas conflict

by Benteng Reges

AsiaNews (01/20/06)

Jakarta – The Indonesian anti-terrorist police squad have arrested another terror suspect. Two days after the arrest of Subur Sugiarto, linked to wanted Noordin Top, yesterday they apprehended Joko Wibowo alias Abu Sayaf. Sayaf is a member of the radical Muslim organization of the Mujahideen Army or locally known as Laskar Mujahidin. The arrest took place early morning at his private home in the village of Grumbulrejo , in the regency of Karanganyar, Central Java . There police confiscated a revolver pistol with 30 live bullets and some other documents.

“They rushed into the house at six in the morning and brought out my son along with other things related to my son’s activity,” explains Mrs Suparmi, the mother of Sayaf. Among local residents, Sayaf is widely known as a vendor for children games. He lives with his mother Suparmi, wife Muro’atun and child of 5 years-old.

Members of the Surakarta-based Indonesian Mujahidin Council (Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia/MMI) –a radical Muslim organization which was once chaired by Abu Bakar Baasyir, confirmed that Sayaf is known widely as the member of the Laskar Mujahidin. The MMI Chief Irfan S Awwas also confirmed that he fought during the inter-religious conflict of Ambon, Moluccas , during 2000.

According to Awwas, the revolver and live rounds found in Joko’s home were “mementos” from these clashes.