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SAT-7 Marks New Year with Launch of Turkish T.V. Network

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SAT-7 has taken a major step up with the launch of a new program in the Turkish language – one of the languages spoken by the largest people groups in the Middle East and North Africa .

Launched in January 2006, TURK-7 is broadcasting four hours of Christian programs a week beginning Jan. 10 to encourage and help build the Church in Turkey .
The new programming will feature The Jesus Experience, an eight-hour documentary series explaining the basic history of the Christian faith; Two Birds Build the Nest!, a series of programs giving help on relationships within the family; and People Who Met Jesus, where a Turkish pastor illustrates what it means to encounter Jesus today.
The Turkish Christian Television Network is the third major launch following the broadcasting launches made in 1996 and 2002 in the Arabic and Farsi languages.
“One of the original goals of SAT-7 was to air indigenous television programs made by and for the three largest language groups of the greater Middle East ,” said Terry Ascott, CEO of SAT-7.
With a weekly airtime cost of $2,400 for TURK-7, SAT-7 encourages support through donations on its website (
The New Year also marks the launch of SAT-7’s new family initiative with the Year of the Family campaign. Special television programs themed on the family unit will begin airing this year.