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Deconstructing the base
Renew America

Andrew Longman
January 3, 2006

*ICC Note – the bolding of parts of this article was done by ICC. That font notation is not part of the author’s original work. God bless!
Constitutional order has foundations as does the law itself. To listen to our public officials these days you would assume that they think there is no foundation to law, that law itself is the beginning and the end of all things.
The entire system is predicated on people doing what is right, by and large. It is built on moral assumptions of heart. Today, dull minded and arrogant people are attacking the meta-legal foundation by assaulting the moral integrity of our people. We will relate both breaches and examples of those who understand how to successfully reverse this idiocy.
The stand out examples of breach are the chaplain leadership of the US Navy and the federal judge who has ordered the Indiana legislature not to pray in the Name of Jesus.
Bureaucrats, in the effort to promote wastoid visions of irrational egalitarianism, think that forbidding the Godhead and seat of moral identity from public life is a good way to promote comity, philedelphian utopia. The head Navy chaplain explains that it’s against “pluralism” to pray in Jesus’ Name. The federal Judge emits similar banalities.
But you do not promote the harmony of a people by forbidding them from making statements of ultimate moral commonality in public. You do not under gird the meta-legal reality of shared moral identity by forbidding reference to that moral identity. You do not promote the domestic tranquility by assaulting all that has been held dear during the centuries long construction of the greatest nation on earth. And besides all that, you don’t do well to make God needlessly mad at you.
There is no law, there is no constitution without Jesus. Whether or not the secularists who seek to dominate the public and redirect worship from God to the State believe this or not, ninety percent of the American public knows this whether they articulate it to reporters or not. Law without morality is the gun and the jack boot of the secret police. Institutionalists who seek to destroy any meta-law, who seek to assault the free spirit of our people by attacking their God, who wish to eliminate from public life all consequence of the Name of Jesus ensure that they are destroying the nation. They think that after they have deconstructed faith in the hearts of men and dismantled public religious life that they will somehow then be rulers themselves. But if they ever succeed, they will preside only over radioactive ashes.
We must stop them. Brian Bosma, Indiana House Speaker, needs to look on the excellent example of chaplain Klingenschmitt who has recognized that it is better to starve one’s self to death than to be forbid to pray in Jesus’ Name as a man charged with the Spiritual Life of his men. They want to force him to be a chaplain of a god of Pluralism but Klingenschmitt wisely insists that his Christian conscience is not open to being remanufactured by the State. He does not agree that the State is allowed to be the new godhead. He does not agree that Facts about God are arbitrarily to be co-opted by whatever ruling oligarchy. He refuses for one moment, even for one, to allow the State to dictate the content of his prayers or the public confession of his men. He is deeply, absolutely, thunderously, right.
Klingenschmitt and his like will carry the nation. This secular order which assaults the very rule of law by undermining the law’s necessary assumptions will destroy itself. The only question is whether or not we shall be attached to it when it plunges, flaming, into the abyss.
Speaker Bosma of the Indiana House has a wonderful, beautiful, opportunity to be an instrument of salvation for this nation and its constitutional order. He can and should openly defy the judge, who has absolutely no power at all ever to change prayer content, and tell that judge that if he doesn’t like it he can go to hell. It is totally insufficient, evil, and wrong to abide by this wicked judge’s ruling for even a fraction of a second. If one does that, one agrees that the judicial system has power to regulate prayer and one has absolutely totally failed as a guardian of the constitution.
The Nazis explained at the Nuremberg trials that higher authorities had instructed them their crimes against humanity were enshrined law and they plead that they were just following lawful, legal orders. We hung them. We hung them because there are some things which transcend law and form the basis of it. Klingenschmitt understands this, he is a true son of the Republic. Does Bosma?

Andrew Longman is a Christian by confession and an applied scientist by trade. He holds a BS in Applied Physics and an MS in Physics from Purdue. He has taught Physics at the university level and works as a contracting instrumentation scientist developing experimental and applied apparatus for nuclear, chemical, structural, and other types of research.
Andrew Longman