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ICC Note:

Jesus commands us to love and pray for our enemies but he never tells us to put our heads in the sand or to be chronically naive. It is for that reason that we often post articles on Islam that some would consider to be inflammatory and/or divisive.

We do not feel hatred for Muslims but we do think that people should be informed as to what shapes the thinking of fundamentalist Muslims. Especially since Islam (fundamentalist and otherwise) is probably the major source of persecution of Christians around the world.
The article below form one of Indonesia’s leading Muslim terrorists is fantastic because this convicted Islamic mass murdeer clearly states what is motivating him and other Muslims who choose violence. They are not rogues within Islam but rather the ones choosing to obey. They are fundamentalists bent on obedience to what is in the Koran, Hadith, and their Prophet.

Those who say Islam is all about peace have to ignore the many verses in the Koran and Hadith as well as the example of Mohammed (he is held up like Jesus as the model for the perfect life) that urge violence against all non muslims who will not be subject to Islam.

Murder ‘infidels’, Mukhlas urges
Sian Powell Jakarta correspondent
The Australian
BALI bombings commander Mukhlas (sentenced to death for commanding the Bali bomb blasts in 2002 ) has written a fanatical call-to-arms from his death-row prison cell, exhorting Muslims to kill Westerners.
“You who still have a shred of faith in your hearts, have you forgotten that to kill infidels and the enemies of Islam is a deed that has a reward above no other,” says the 60-page polemic written in Indonesian by “Sheikh Mukhlas”, posted on the website, which has since been shut down by Indonesian police.
“Aren’t you aware that the model for us all, the Prophet Mohammed and the four rightful caliphs, undertook to murder infidels as one of their primary activities, and that the Prophet waged jihad operations 77 times in the first 10 years as head of the Muslim community in Medina?”

The jihadist tract reportedly began its life in Bali ‘s Kerobokan prison, where Mukhlas was jailed until recently.
It was passed to Top, a militant leader wanted for a string of attacks including the Bali bombings in 2002 and in October this year, the blasts at Jakarta ‘s Marriott hotel and the Australian embassy. Top gave Mukhlas’s tract to Javanese webmaster Abdul Aziz to post on the website, which began operating on August 30, according to the webmaster’s lawyer, Mohammed Rifan.
“The essay was received by Abdul Aziz (the now detained webmaster) from Noordin on a disk,” Mr Rifan said, adding that Top had originally approached Aziz to set up the website.
It remains unclear how Mukhlas bypassed jail security to send the polemic to Top, although Mr Rifan said a courier called Rino was sent by Top to the prison to see Mukhlas.
The revelations confirm there are continuing links between the jailed Bali bombers and their colleagues at large, and show Mukhlas remains an important figure in the terrorist movement.
Widely regarded as the most intellectual of the Jemaah Islamiah terrorist network militants, Mukhlas rationalises the use of terror and deplores the “hypocrisy” of non-violent Muslims in his polemic.
“What matters in this life is less important than what happens in the next,” his tract says.
“We should live to love jihad and die as martyrs for Allah.”
Despite his disdain for this world, Mukhlas’s lawyers will seek a judicial review from Indonesia ‘s Supreme Court, potentially stopping his death sentence from being carried out.

Before the website was shut down, it carried instructions on how to kill Westerners in Jakarta by using sniper tactics with guns and grenades.