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Christian Today (12/23/05) – The Bible Society of Mexico battled with city authorities in Mexico City last month over the Bible Monument that was revealed in the historic part of the capital.

On Nov. 23, during a massive gathering of more than seven thousand believers celebrating the National Day of Prayer for Mexico in the Zocalo, 700 representatives and members of Mexico ’s evangelical churches held a march to the Zocalo from the Bible monument. The Zocalo is a huge public square, bordered by the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral and the Aztec Templo Mayor, and is the center of Mexico ’s religious and political life.

During the march, the demonstrators shouted their demands for the authorities to comply with the law, to end discrimination and religious intolerance, and to give fair treatment to religious minorities compare to the dominant church.

The official unveiling of the Bible monument occurred on Oct. 31 after many long discussions between the Bible Society of Mexico and the Cuauhtemoc authority – part of the Federal District of Mexico City and controlled by the Democratic Revolutionary Party.

However, a week following the monument’s unveiling, a group of workmen came and said they had orders to remove the monument.

When questioned, the Cuauhtemoc authority gave the reason that the Monument did not meet the specifications agreed for its location and size. The Bible Society’s General Secretary, the Rev. Abner Lopez, denied the authorities claim and said the monument was the correct size and in the right location.

Following a meeting with some senior Cuauhtemoc officials, the Society’s general secretary said that some of the officials who authorized the monument were no longer at the same jobs and the new officials were unaware that there had been planning for the past three years.

Consequentially, the authorities have now opened negotiations, despite their continual plan to remove the monument, but they have decided to postpone this by six months.