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ICC Note:
This article will give you insight into who is running Iran and from there you can understand their treatment of Christians.

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“’Iran’s new Minister of Interior is implicated in grave human rights violations over the past two decades, possibly including crimes against humanity in connection with the massacre of thousands of political prisoners,’ Human Rights Watch said.

“Human Rights Watch also said that the new Minister of Information should be investigated for his possible involvement in a dissident’s killing.
“The briefing paper, Ministers of Murder: Iran’s New Security Cabinet, details credible allegations that Minister of Interior Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi and Minister of Information Gholamhussein Mohseni Ezhei were involved in extremely serious and systematic human rights violations over the past two decades.

“’It’s downright dangerous to have men like this in charge of key ministries,’ said Joe Stork deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. ‘The international community must make clear that it holds the government of President Ahmadinejad responsible for the safety of Iranian political activists and dissidents.

“’It’s completely unacceptable that men with such records would be serving in Iran’s government. They should be removed from their posts and investigated for these terrible crimes.’”

Iran’s present cabinet is “dominated by former security and intelligence officials,” according to Human Rights Watch. That means that those controlling the government are killers extraordinary.

Moreover, Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI) announced that Mustafa Poor-Mohamadi, Iranian President Ahmanadinejad’s Ministry of Interior, was chosen to participate in the “International Conference on Immigration” in Athens.

By those who know, Mustafa Poor-Mohamadi is referred to as the “Minister of Murder.”

Visit: SMCCDI:

The SMCCDI advocates that Mustafa Poor-Mohamadi be “investigated and arrested on the basis of ‘Crimes against Humanity.’ Poor-Mohamadi is known for his key role in the execution and murder of thousands of Iranians inside and outside of Iran.

“As the official representative of the Islamic Ministry of Intelligence, Poor-Mohamadi was one of the three decision makers in the wave of the 1988 political executions; And also, the coordinator of murders of tens of Iranian dissidents in major European countries, such as, France, Germany and United Kingdom.”