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The Muslim Persecution of Christians in the Holy Land
By Barry Shaw
There are none so blind as those who cannot see.
How blind can people be, that they blame an Israeli checkpoint for the physical and spiritual persecution of Christians in Bethlehem ?
They ignore the rampant anti-Christian and anti-Jewish rhetoric pouring out of the mosques and into the streets.
They ignore the Islamic hooded gunmen that roam the streets, terrorize the local Christian population and take over the municipal office in Manger Square next to the Church of the Nativity, just days before Christmas.
They refuse to admit to the harassment of priests and nuns and the desecration of Christianity’s most holy shrine by Muslim terrorists.
They do not protest when Christian towns and Christian homes are taken over by Palestinian terrorists to launch gunfire and rocket attacks against Israeli targets.
Christian leaders remain silent when other Palestinian towns are invaded by Islamic terrorists who burn homes and attack innocent Christian citizens.
Perhaps they have not heard of the latest Palestinian poll, reported in the Palestinian newsprint, that 65% of Palestinians still support al Qaida attacks on Christian, Jewish and Western interests, and that this is expressed locally by Palestinian terror and lawlessness.
Is it any wonder that the Christian population has gone down from over 80% to below 20% under such unrelenting Islamic terror?
Soon, Christianity in Bethlehem will be reduced to a handful of courageous priests and nuns.
And yet, the Christian world places the blame on the Jews.
How blind can you be? When will you be able to see the truth and protect your co-religionists from the persecution they are suffering at the hands of the Muslims in Palestinian held territories?
Violence, threats, and death do not come from an Israeli soldier at an Israeli checkpost.
It does, however, frequently come from a Palestinian Islamic terrorist, hooded gangster, and suicide bomber.