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Leader of the Royal Lao Government in Exile Calls for Actions Against Lao Regime
Christian Wire Service

WASHINGTON – The Royal Lao Government in Exile ( ) has opened an office in Washington , D.C. , in order to work with and educate the U.S. government and people about the dire situation in Laos . The Government in Exile is an alliance of Lao expatriates, political leaders, philanthropists, academics and philosophers who have joined together to institute in Laos a true democracy, one which will ensure freedom, justice, peace and prosperity for all Lao people.
Today, the communist government in Laos ranks as one of Asia ‘s most repressive regimes. Basic freedoms, including rights to freedom of expression, association and religion, remain severely restricted. Security forces often illegally detain individuals, and hundreds of political activists have been jailed or even disappeared permanently. The state controls the media, which it uses to parrot the Communist Party line. The 1991 constitution makes the communist Lao People’s Revolutionary Party the only legal political party. As its ideology crumbles, the Communist Party exerts a stranglehold on its own people in order to retain its fading grip on power.
“The situation of the Lao people is desperate,” Khamphoui Sisavatdy, Chairman of the Government in Exile, said. “The average person lives on less than a dollar per day under a repressive regime, and those brave enough to call for change are thrown into jail for months, years or decades without trial.”
“As the influence of China and other communist countries continues to grow unnoticed, the transformation of Laos into a true democracy can act as a beacon of freedom for this region. Today, we ask the United States Congress and government to speak up for those who are silenced, and to support the spread of freedom and democracy to Laos .”
No single party, force or organization can successfully spread democracy and freedom on its own. The Royal Lao Government in Exile investing its effort to gain the support and backing of the Western world, including the United States , in this mission.