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Christmas programming hits the Middle East and North Africa

Middle East (MNN) — With Christmas approaching Christian satellite television for the Middle East and North Africa is about to make history. Speaking from the Middle East, SAT 7 David Harder says they’ll be airing more Christian Christmas programming than ever before.
“We started out with one day a week for two hours,” Harder says. “Now we’re on 24 hours a day. But first, when we were on 24 hours about half of that was repeated. This year, we greatly increased the number of programs we were doing. And, most of our flagship shows are doing special Christmas episodes. We’ve made extra effort to translate more shows,” he adds.
Since many in this part of the world view Jesus as a good man, teacher or a prophet, focusing on Jesus is a good programming decision. “We know that the focus of Christmas should be on Jesus and not just on His birth, but on who He is today. So, I would ask people to pray that our programs would be effective, that people would be drawn to watch SAT-7 programming at this time.”
As SAT-7 continues to grow, their network will continue to point people to Jesus. “And, we look forward to just continuing to ramp up and make more and more programs and the local people, the Christians of the Arab world, will be making these shows.”
Funding for Christian outreach in this region of the world is woefully inadequate.