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ICC NOTE: The Muslim Brotherhood was birthed from an extreme Muslim sect and in Egypt the group is seeking to implement the Shari’a law as the principle source of legislation.

December 23, 2005

Egyptian Leader of Muslim Group Calls Holocaust a Zionist ‘Myth’

New York Times


CAIRO, Dec. 22 – Two weeks after the Muslim Brotherhood won 88 seats in Parliament and established itself as Egypt’s only significant political opposition organization, its leader issued a statement Thursday condemning America while declaring that the Holocaust was a “myth.”

In a statement issued on the group’s Web site, Muhammad Mehdi Akef, the supreme guide of the Brotherhood, said that America might be the public face of the new world order but that, from “backstage,” it was being “manipulated by the hands of the sons of Zion.”

In his weekly letter on the Web site, Mr. Akef said, “Western democracy has attacked everyone who does not share the vision of the sons of Zion as far as the myth of the Holocaust is concerned.”

The statement came just days after the Muslim Brotherhood watched a record number of its members take seats in the 454-member Parliament. The Parliament, a weak organization, does give its members a bully pulpit, and for the Brotherhood that means a chance to challenge presidential decisions and promote its ideas.

While Brotherhood members have long promoted extreme ideas – like saying that Israel was behind the attacks of Sept. 11 – the notion that the Holocaust was exaggerated and manipulated to justify creation of Israel is not out of the mainstream here.

In an article published two days ago in the Egyptian daily newspaper Al Masaa, Hisham Abd al-Rauf, a columnist, wrote that Nazi execution chambers were “no more than rooms to disinfect clothing.”

“The most serious lie is the Jews’ Holocaust, which they have exploited in order to extort global solidarity,” he wrote, citing the widespread condemnation of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s statements.