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ICC Note:
Another little freedom lost. another little restriction added. Where is this going?

ICC applauds these students and their willingness to fight the securlarists.

Christian Student Club Denied Official Status over Homosexuality Restrictions

Christian Post
Jason Davis

The number of California universities in conflict with Christian organizations or clubs increased by one this week in a case where a campus group is being denied recognition because it denies membership to homosexuals.
Ryan Sorba, 23, a senior at California State University San Bernardino is accusing the school of discrimination because it will not allow the proposed Christian Student Association to become an official campus group – a status that confers additional benefits to clubs. Although the group allows anyone to attend its meetings, only heterosexuals can become members.
“This is about whether or not the First Amendment is allowed to exist at Cal State San Bernardino and whether or not Christians are allowed to exist,” Sorba told the Associated Press Monday.
University official say state law requires them to bar such groups from forming.
“We are not permitted to charter them under Title V,” said Christian Hansen of the office of Student Affairs, referring to a state education code.
Sorba has not sued the university, however the Washington-based Traditional Values Coalition says it will lobby the state legislature to effect change and will also place pressure on University to change.
“This is political correctness gone amok,” said Sheldon. There is no way we are going to let this thing pass
Similar cases are playing themselves out at other southern California schools.
At the end of last month, four Christian clubs filed a civil rights lawsuit alleging that the current rules discriminate against them for requiring either leaders or members to profess faith in Jesus Christ.