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MNN (12/16/05) – The fighting in Darfur , Sudan continues and the peace accord signed months is being ignored by the Khartoum government. The unrest in Darfur and the continued violence in the south have Persecution Project Foundation leaders asking President Bush to take action.

Persecution Project’s Matt Chancey explains the situation like this. “You’ve got a regime in Khartoum that is controlled by the National Islamic Front. And, they have never lived up to the peace agreements or the cease fires that they have signed.”

However, because the government did sign the comprehensive peace accord, the U-S government elevated Sudan ‘s human rights standing to the same level as Switzerland . Chancey says, “This is a government that has raped, killed, tortured and enslaved its people in the last 20 years.”

Persecution Project would like people to put pressure on the U-S government to change that. “Contact the Bush Administration. Contact Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State’s (office), and let them know we need to send a forceful message to the terrorists in Khartoum that we do not support their policy of genocide and religious persecution.”

If it’s effective, Chancey says, it can’t help but have an impact on evangelism. “It makes it much safer to get in there and to operate because the humanitarian missions to places like Darfur have been drastically cut because of the lack of security. And, the government of Khartoum is causing the security problems.”

According to Chancey the government is financing militias that are terrorizing refugee camps and those living in southern Sudan .