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If America Loses its Religious Liberty, Where Will the World Turn?
by Bill Wilson

Family News in Focus

Some fear persecution of the church could come to America .

The Bush Administration believes other countries should have the religious freedom America enjoys; as a right endowed by the Creator. White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan says the administration strongly supports religious freedom.

“And when there are countries that are not allowing for religious freedom within their borders, we are going to point that out. We do that in public; we do that in private with leaders.”

But Carl Moeller of Open Doors, a ministry to the international persecuted church, is concerned about religious freedom right here at home.

“Basic institutions of America are being questioned as illegitimate for our society today; marriage, the Ten Commandments, the Pledge of Allegiance. The things that are under attack today really speak to the very center of our hallmark of religious freedom around the world.”

Moeller believes America is not exempt from religious persecution in the future and the U.S. church could learn from the suffering abroad.

“I think persecution, unfortunately, is definitely on the horizon for American Christians as we speak out. We have to take lessons from the church in China , Vietnam , Eritrea , Myanmar , Iran ; those Christians that have suffered overt persecution for their faith. And to figure out how will we strengthen the Church in the U.S. ”

Moeller believes the American church is suffering from complacency and must prepare to stand against the erosion of religious freedom.