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(December 16, 2005) – Saudi Arabian Prince Allaweed’s $20 million donation to Harvard and Georgetown for Islamic studies and to promote Islamic/Christian understanding is an act of supreme hypocrisy and duplicity. Perhaps the only thing more shameful than the Prince offering these gifts with a straight face is Harvard and Georgetown ‘s gracious acceptance of them.

At home, Saudi Arabia has a zero tolerance policy towards any religion except Islam. It has a long record of arresting, imprisoning and torturing those involved in Christianity. Just ten years ago, Christians were even subject to execution.

In Saudi Arabia , children are indoctrinated throughout their educational journey in the hatred of Jews, Christians and the United States . At the same time, Saudis spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually in the United States for positive press and for influence in the United States Congress. Their message is that they are America ’s constant friends.

Behind the United States ’ back, however, the Saudis have been spreading hatred around the world. Anywhere Islamic radicalism and violence are present – from Nigeria to Sudan , Afghanistan , Pakistan and Indonesia – the hand of the Saudis is evident. They have spent billions for mosques, Islamic boarding schools, and Imams in these countries and elsewhere, including in the United States. Their money is an inroad for their hatred and philosophical control. Their aim is to spread their hatred, period.

In the United States , the Saudis distributed Islamic materials through their embassies that instructed new immigrant Muslims not to mix, greet, or become involved with Jews, Christians, or any other infidels. These booklets instruct visitors and immigrants to hate Americans. In fact, the Saudi government forbids Muslims from becoming American citizens, joining the U.S. military, or supporting Americans in any way.

Mayor Giuliani chose not to accept gifts from Saudi Arabia for the rebuilding of lower Manhattan post-9/11. Georgetown and Harvard would be wise to do the same if they wish to take a stand in keeping with their name and status.

As far as the prince is concerned, we would suggest that if he truly wishes to make a difference in Islamic-Christian relations that he should start at home with the cessation of arrests and beatings of Christians. If he wants Americans to learn more about Islam in a positive light, he should revise the educational materials that Saudis are raised on that teach them to hate the Jew, the Christian, and the American.