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BosNewsLife – A Islamic militant group calling itself al-Qaeda’s Southeast Asian Division has threatened to attack Southeast Asian governments, BosNewsLife established Monday, December 12.

On a Website, monitored by BosNewsLife, the previously unknown group warned Malaysia , Thailand , Singapore , Indonesia and the Philippines to expect attacks on government, military and economic zones, and urged Muslims to avoid those locations.

“All the things that we will do are savage acts against humans who do not want to believe in Allah,” said the rambling 41,000 word posting entitled a ‘declaration of war’. “The swords of the holy warriors are always thirsty for your blood.” It was not evident whether the group had the means to carry out the threats.

The threats were expected to add to concern among Christians and come after BosNewsLife learned of possible attacks against churches in Thailand earlier this year.

Militants belonging to the al-Qaeda linked Jamaah Islamiyah teror goup have launched a string of bloody bombings on mostly Western targets in recent years in Indonesia and the Philippines . On Sunday, moderate Muslims offered to protect Christian churches in Indonesia against attacks during the Christmas season.

Thailand and the Philippines are battling Islamic insurgents in outlying regions. “The world is changing, and the venue of holy war is getting greater,” the Malay-language posting said. “The war between Islam and the unbelievers is getting sharper.”

Indonesian, Thailand and Malay police said they had no information about the site or the Malay-language posting which was dated October 5 and had a Kuala Lumpur dateline. Thailand ‘s National Intelligence Agency chief General Jumpol Manmai, said “even though we have never heard of this terrorist group, once it has made a threat via a Web site, we have to be cautious.”

The statement refers to two of Asia ‘s most notorious militants, Noordin Top and the recently slain Azahari bin Husin, as “tigers of Islam” and urges Muslims to follow their path.

The two men, both Malaysians, are blamed for most of the bloodiest terror attacks in Southeast Asia, including the 2002 bombings on the Indonesian resort island of Bali . They are alleged to be key leaders of Jamaah Islamiyah.

The posting attacks Thailand for its crackdown on Muslim militants in the south of the country, quoting verses from Muslim holy book to justify violence against soldiers there. It also criticizes the secular government in mostly Muslim Malaysia, and apparently refers to events in October when suspicious packages were sent to several foreign embassies in Kuala Lumpur .