Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC has learned that when the heads of the three Christian teenagers were found in plastic bags after the shocking incident in Poso, there was a note accompanying them which read, “We Will Murder 100 More Christian Teenagers and Present You Their Heads as Presents – Give This Message to Church Officials [names undisclosed].”
In addition, further details have emerged illustrating the seriousness of the situation in the Poso area and makes the lack of action from authorities all the more chilling.
Prior to the beheadings, militants were caught smuggling in arms to the Poso area, including 900 detonators, 375 kg of explosives, 2,500 bullets and 7 machine guns. There were six militants engaged in this activity, and the authorities managed to capture four of them. Two have still not been taken in to custody.