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High School Girl Beheading Suspects Released. Army Holds Them, Keeps Police From Them Till Holding Period Over
Incompetence, Tactics, or Collusion?

ICC 11/16/2005
ICC has learned new details regarding the release of the five suspects that Indonesian officials were holding for the Poso beheadings.
The suspects were released by a military unit that was holding them and we are hearing from inside Poso that three of them have been re-arrested.
ICC has been watching this situation and wondering if Indonesian authorities would take their usual tactic when dealing with violence against Christians. That is, if there is particularly violent attack or too large a public outcry then arrests are announced and the press goes to sleep. Next thing you know, the suspects are quietly released for some reason or another.

In the latest version of this ongoing farce, Tony Mowala alias Rinto, 51, (former military police officer), Irfan Anjiro, 23, a security guard, Jamiluddin, 25, security guard, Ridwan Masero, 25, farmer and Saleman Yunus , 28, a motorcycle taxi driver were released the seven-day detention period without charges allowed under the antiterrorism law was past.

Incredibly, the suspects were held for the seven days by the Army’s 714th Battalion. The Army unit did not allow police units access to the suspects. Even if they had, we doubt much would have happened. There have not been any arrests or convicitons in the 40+ violent incidents recorded against Christians in the Poso area the last 2 years. This includes stabbings, shootings, assassinations of pastors in their pulpits, and major bombings.

This latest drama has happened with 10 national level police investigators from Jakarta on the ground in Poso. Usman Hamid, coordinator for the National Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of the Violence (Kontras) said, “I believe there was no legal process taken against the five, and I see that the military were intent on taking advantage of legal loopholes.”
Now, even as this article is being written, we have heard that three of the suspects have been re-arrested due to DNA evidence linking them to the crime scene. We assume that they were arrested by the police but news is sketchy presently.
We will keep you informed as best we can as we try to decipher what is going on inside Poso.