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Muslim Mob of 1500+ Attacks Christian Community
ICC has learned that mob of 1500 Muslims wielding axes and sticks burned down a number of Christian Churches , a convent school, a nursing home and up to a dozen Christian homes on Saturday in eastern Pakistan ( Punjab province) today. The incident happened at the Sangla Hills area of Nankana district, about 80 miles from Lahore .
ICC has received reports of three to five Churches that have been destroyed. Muslim clerics were said to be using Mosque’s public address systems to urge the mobs to attack. One Mullah was shouting “we are the guardians of the Koran, it is our duty to teach a lesson to these kafirs (a derogatory term)”.

It is unclear at this point what motivated the mobs to attack the Christian community. Rumors center around a Yusef Masih and an alleged desecration of the Koran but we will report the facts as they become clear.

This latest attack is the worst violence to hit the Pakistani Christian community since 2002 when Muslims attacked a Church with hand grenades killing and wounding several Christians.
This attack comes at the same time that the West has poured in massive aid in the response to the devastating earthquake that hit Northern Pakistan .