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BosNewsLife – Christian missionaries struggled to provide aid to earthquake victims in northern India Wednesday, October 19, after Christians and an education minister were among those killed in ethnic violence which rocked Assam state and Indian controlled Kashmir , Christian aid workers said.

“Violence is once again escalating in the Indian state of Assam , this time between Karbi and Dimasa tribal groups,” said Gospel for Asia (GFA), a group supporting native missionaries. “Three Believers Church members have been killed, and 25 families lost their homes ” in the violence , GFA said. It was not immediately clear what, if any, motives were behind the attacks against Christians in the region, whose names were not identified.

In addition “a Gospel for Asia pastor has been arrested and is now waiting to stand trial,” the group added. GFA said Pastor Santosh was detained “as police were investigating arson that resulted from tribal hostilities. They saw [him] on his bicycle and suspected him of involvement. GFA leaders are petitioning authorities for his release.”

Among dozens of others killed in the violence were Karbi passengers including “eight women [who] were either hacked to death or burned inside” two buses which “were stopped by suspected Dimasa militants,” said GFA, which has close contacts with native missionaries in the region.

“Over the years, the state of Assam has been known for bitter fighting between numerous ethnic insurgent groups, resulting in massacres of entire villages, kidnapping and brutality. The region is filled with suffering people who have lost loved ones, homes and all sense of security,” GFA said in a statement. “At least 42 refugee camps, with more than 30,000 homeless men, women and children, are located in the area. It is an area in which Gospel for Asia (GFA) native missionaries have established more than 700 churches, and the local Christians have suffered from the attacks,” the group added…[Go To Full Story]