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A major Hindu Party in India calls for nationwide anti-conversion laws.

Mission Network News

India (MNN)–The World Hindu Council is reportedly calling for nationwide anti-conversion laws in India .
The move is reportedly to stem the tide in the number of conversions around the country. Hindu leaders want to penalize foreign nationals and organizations engaged in conversion activity.
That could mean heavy fines or up to 10 years imprisonment. Officials also demanded the expulsion of all Christian missionaries.
Earlier MNN reports show anti-conversion laws exist in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Arunachal Pradesh States .
These same reports show that while Gujarat state passed a similar law in 2003, the law has not been officially enforced. However, persecution reports from the region show that locals have been enforcing the law.
Christians argue that the laws are not constitutional and violate international charters. In fact, that argument led to a series of events that repealed Tamil Nadu’s anti-conversion law last year.
However, mission agencies are requesting prayer for those in Christian work in India . Due to the publicity for the proposal, nationalist passions have been inflamed. The end result may be a strengthening of existing anti-conversion laws.