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Christians in Pakistan live under the continual threat of Muslim extremists, and these bombings at a church demonstrate the dangers Christians encounter to worship the Lord.

Pakistan Church Condemns Twin Bomb Explosions, 6 killed

By BosNewsLife News Center

LAHORE , PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife) – A local church in Lahore , Pakistan ‘s second largest city, condemned Friday, September 23, massive bomb explosions here which killed at least 6 people and injured dozens, amid fears of further attacks against Christians.

These are “acts of terror designed to destabilize the country” AsiaNews quoted Lahore Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha as saying about the two bombs that exploded Thursday, September 22, in his diocese of Lahore, reportedly injuring another 30. “These deplorable acts could be some sort of protest against government’s policies but we can not say who did this,” he told AsiaNews, a Catholic oriented news website.

The first rudimentary bomb was placed under a bicycle seat and exploded at 10:45 am local time near the Minar-e-Pakistan or Pakistan Day Memorial Lahore’s Azadi Chowk Park . The second bomb, also been placed under a bicycle seat, went off at 12:15 pm in Ichhra bazaar, a busy commercial area, news reports said.

“Something exploded with a big bang,” shopkeeper Mohammed Aslam was quoted as saying. “People were running for help and, at the site of the blast, I saw many injured people who were bleeding. I saw blood, flesh and dust everywhere.”


It was not immediately clear who carried out the bombings, but analyst say it might be a reaction from Islamic militants to talks between Pakistani and Israeli officials to normalize relations. There are fears that Christians will be singled out as they are seen as backing pro-Israel policies and the US-led war on terrorism, BosNewsLife monitored.

The explosions came as over 100 Christian families in Lahore already fled for fear of a Muslim backlash, after police jailed a Christian man on charges of “blasphemy against the Koran” and Islam, earlier this month.

The Christians fled Waheed Park in Lahore ‘s Amar Sadhu area where the accused Christian man, Younis Masih, allegedly made “derogatory remarks about Prophet Muhammad” during a worship service based on mystical Sufi singing in a nearby Christian’s home.

40-year old Masih was arrested and detained Saturday, September 10, as hundreds of Muslim protestors carrying sticks surrounded the police station, news reports said. Church officials have expressed concern that Islamic pressure on Christians will increase.

(With BosNewsLife research, Stefan J. Bos and reports from Pakistan ).