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(Forum 18) – Radmila Gerov, mayor of Negotin in eastern Serbia , has told Forum 18 News Service that a Romanian Orthodox church whose destruction has been ordered should have been approved by the Serbian Orthodox Church. She cited the 2003 planning law, although no such requirement exists in the law. The Negotin building inspectorate told the community’s priest Fr Bojan Aleksandrovic on 24 August that as he has failed to destroy the church himself the authorities will do so at his expense. “As happens in such a situation, everyone tries to wash their hands, claming that someone else is responsible, yet the decision exists,” Fr Aleksandrovic complained to Forum 18. He fears that any day the building inspector could notify him that demolition will take place the same day. Serbia ‘s authorities also obstruct the functioning of Old Calendarist, Macedonian and Montenegrin Orthodox communities.