Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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The Christian Post – Ahead of the Inter-Sudanese peace talks scheduled to begin on Sept. 15, Christians are calling for prayers for Southern Sudanese, who now face increased persecution, according to reports.

In an interview published on Monday by Mission Network News (MNN), the Persecution Project Foundation (PPF) raised the call for prayer as its international team of investigators examines wreckage from the late-July crash that killed Sudan ‘s Christian Vice-President Dr. John Garang.

PPF’s Brad Phillips recently returned from his three-month trip to Sudan and its surrounding areas. Philips told MNN that increased persecution on Southern Sudanese Christians has been observed following the Vice-President Garang’s death, though the actual number has not been reported in the media.

Phillips informed MNN of some local reports that say there were perhaps more than 1,000 Southern Sudanese Christians were killed. These attacks are believed to be coordinated by Sudan ‘s Khartoum central government and the mosque, the reports claimed.

Apart from killings, Phillips reported, “There were hundreds of homes of Christians that were demolished on the outskirts of Khartoum .” These Christians were forced to flee from Southern Sudan due to the long civil war in Darfur .

“We need to pray that peace will really take hold in Sudan,” Phillips told MNN, “and that this time of peace will be used as an opportunity for Sudan to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ and that Christians will be involved in helping establish the infrastructure that’s really needed to develop the country, but especially the spiritual foundation.”…[Go To Full Story]