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Forum 18 – Concern continues among human rights activists and members of religious minorities in Serbia at ongoing verbal and physical attacks on religious minority communities…A number of places of worship have been vandalised and subjected to arson attacks, particularly Seventh-day Adventist churches, while the authorities have renewed threats to demolish the Romanian Orthodox Church in the village of Malajnica near Negotin in eastern Serbia (see F18News 20 June 2005 <>). Old Calendarist Orthodox told the press that Serbian Orthodox Bishop Chrisostom (Stolic) of Zica had threatened that he will make sure that whatever they build will be torn down. These continuing attacks come despite claims to Forum 18 by Serbia ‘s religion minister Milan Radulovic that such attacks rarely lead to anything more than “minimal” damage and that these attacks have halved in the past year (see F18News 8 September 2005 <>). For the list below of incidents between May and early September 2005, Forum 18 has gathered information directly from religious communities, except where as indicated information is from published sources…[Go To Full Story]