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BosNewsLife – India’s first Christian university in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh remained closed Thursday, September 8, after 15 Hindu militants attacked worshippers there, injuring several Christians, and damaged property, officials said. The management of the Allahabad Agricultural Institute in the town of Allahabad, a 95-year-old Christian institute of higher learning, said the university would “remain closed for an unlimited time till the normalcy is restored,” following the violence Sunday, September 4.

“On September 4 when the Sunday worship began, there were more than 7,000 believers gathered,” Mani Jacob, general secretary of the All India Association for Christian Higher Education, told the BosNewsLife New Delhi Bureau.

“As soon as the worship began, about 15 outsiders suddenly trespassed into the worship place, mounted the platform where the leader of the worship was praying and started destroying the objects on the platform especially the Holy Cross kept there, musical instruments etc.,” he added.

“Several worshippers were injured in the attack, and property worth 10 million Rupees” (about 229-thousand USD) “was damaged.” He said the attackers also “burnt down one ambulance and one jeep belonging to the university.”

During the attack, the militants shouted anti-Christian slogans, and began attacking worshipers who tried to restrain the attackers from destroying “sacred objects on the stage,” according to university officials.

“It is difficult to say how many worshipers were injured, as there was a total chaos at the time of the attack, following which all returned to their homes. However, one person fainted after he was attacked, and was taken to a hospital,” added Jacob.

Following the incidents “it was the Christian believers who were arrested” by arriving police, who also filed charges against the leaders of the worship service, claimed R.B. Lal, Vice Chancellor of the university. Lal accused the Bajrang Dal, a Hindu extremist group, of organizing the attack…[Go To Full Story]