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BosNewsLife – A Christian advocacy group working in several hotspots of the world said Tuesday, September 6, it has launched a guide for Christians and churches on how to help their persecuted fellow believers around the globe. US-based Christian Freedom International (CFI) claimed its new publication “50 Ways to Help Persecuted Christians,” provides “concrete details on how to assist Christians living under persecution in countries like Burma , China , Iraq and Indonesia ” where the organization is active.

“Many Christians in America want to help suffering Christians around the world, but simply don’t know what to do. This new ministry guide provides step-by-step answers on exactly how to help,” said CFI President Jim Jacobson. It was not immediately clear if and when the handbook would be introduced outside the US , although Jacobson has told BosNewsLife his organization is interested in working with European and other churches.

“From praying or volunteering your time, to making on-site visits to those living in repressive regimes, the Christian Freedom International ’50 Ways to Help’ publication is a call-to-action for all caring Christians,” he added. Jacobson said CFI would make the publication available for free, although donations are welcome for several of its projects. CFI suggested churches should order “50 Ways to Help Persecuted Christians” in advance of the November 13 International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church .

CFI can be reached on the web.