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CSW (CHRISTIAN SOLIDARITY WORLDWIDE) will be holding a press conference on Monday Sept. 5th, 11:00 am in room 4 Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament with KANG CHEOL HWAN, a North Korean survivor of the gulag. He will be presenting fresh evidence of North Korean violations.

High profile North Korean defector Kang Cheol Hwan who was recently invited to the White House to meet President Bush will be holding a press conference in London on Monday September 5th.

Kang has fresh information exposing the kidnapping of an escaped North Korean man who had taken film footage of Yodok political labour camp, in order to expose the situation to the world. North Korea ‘s treatment of those it captures and kidnaps is brutal in the extreme, involving gruesome torture and severe punishment. The conference will also highlight the complicity of China in North Korea ‘s crimes as she fails to protect escapees and sends people back to such exceptionally cruel treatment. Details of current prisoners in Yodok and those captured in China are also available, as is the film footage.

Kang himself was a prisoner in Yodok for ten years. He was sent to the camp at the age of nine, under the abhorrent policy of family guilt by association. The basis for his imprisonment was an unspecified political offence alleged to have been committed by his grandfather. Kang spent a decade experiencing the horrors of camp brutality, forced labour, frequent public executions and near-starvation rations. After ten years he was released without explanation, although he believes the release was prompted by the death of his grandfather.

Yodok political prison labour camp is still in existence. The suffering that Kang describes is an ongoing reality for tens of thousands in North Korea today.