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ANS – As the trial of three Christian women accused of Christianizing Muslim children ended Thursday, Christians urged prayer that the verdict, to be presented next Thursday, would reflect the facts as presented by the defense. Earlier this year the three women, Dr. Rebecca Laonita, Mrs. Ratna Mala Bangun, and Mrs. Ety Pangesti conducted a “Happy Week” VBS-type program in their homes in the village of Haurgelis , West Java . When Muslim imams heard that Muslim children had attended the meetings, they charged the women with “Christianization” them in violation of the nation’s Child Protection Act of 2002. The women have been held without bail since the end of May. Since it began in the district court of Indramayu, West Java , the trial has been a stage for Islamic jihad propaganda. Muslim radicals regularly jammed the courtroom and conducted Muslim worship in it, as well as proclaimed their militant propaganda in front of the courthouse…As soon as the defense finished his summation, the judges stated that the verdict would be announced Thursday, September 1, at 10 a.m. Jakarta time…“Now it is time for the intercessors to really go to work, as the judges sit down to make their decision and to write the reasons for their decision,” Hammond told ANS. “Please mobilize people to pray, as these dear sisters in Christ are facing the potential of five years imprisonment, or–if acquitted–the potential of being killed, having their homes burned down and their families attacked. Your urgent prayer support for the ladies at this time would be greatly appreciated.”…[Go To Full Story]