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BosNewsLife – After two decades of political wrangling, the United Nations has agreed to resettle the first group of mainly Christian Karen and Karenni refugees from Burma who have been living as virtual prisoners in camps in neighboring Thailand , BosNewsLife monitored Friday, August 26. Initially about 500 Karenni refugees will be selected to be settled in Finland and New Zealand in the coming five months by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), followed by another 100 in Canada, England and Australia “as second move”, said the Karenni Refugee Committee (KRC). The developments came just days after BosNewsLife reported on the plight of up to 60-thousand refugees at the overcrowded Mae La refugee camp near the Burmese border, where seemingly never ending rain changed the slippery, rocky, roads into rivers this season. Most of them are members of the pre-dominantly Christian Karen community, which is now fighting a fierce battle in nearby jungles of Burma , a country the military rulers call Myanmar …[Go To Full Story]