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Christian Today – As Muslim fundamentalism rises in Bangladesh , church leaders report that Christians in the country are facing a growing threat. Two church group workers have been hacked to death by fundamentalists after being warned to stop evangelistic work in the village of Dhupapara . Tapan Kumar Roy and Liplal Marandi were killed for showing a film about Jesus even though they received permission from villagers, said Sunil Adhikari, director of Christian Life Bangladesh . In a series of bomb explosions across the country last week, two people were killed and 100 wounded. The Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen group left leaflets with messages on the bomb sites, calling for Islamic rule in Bangladesh . The message also warned the US and Britain against occupation of Muslim nations. The attacks were “a clear indication of a growing Islamic fundamentalism”, said Augustine Dipak Karmakar, general secretary of the Church of Bangladesh . According to Ecumenical News International, he said that the “secular space in the country is shrinking” and that the murder of the two Christian workers proved the lack of religious freedom. “We are free under law to preach our faith. But, in reality we do not have much freedom.”… [Go To Full Story]