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AIN – Just when one thinks that the police state in Eritrea cannot possibly become more depraved, it has the most unique ability to pull another surprise. I just came across a detailed account of what has transpired this past week in Asmara. The architect of such flagrant act against the Church is none other but the government. It is a known fact that the government of Eritrea (GOE) has a reputation for obsessive control of everything and everyone — none spared. Mr. Yoftahe Dimetros, an ex-government officer who served the Ethiopian government faithfully during the time of Ethiopian occupation, is now a faithful servant of the PFDJ — the sole political party that is ruling the country…The contest between the Church and GOE has reached its Zenith this past week when Mr. Yoftahe, using his political power as the Administrator of the Orthodox Church has, through intimidation and threat, imposed his will on the bishops who make up the Synod, the highest authority of the Church. Practically all the bishops are now under his tutelage, signing off any decision he wants passed…using the Synod, which he has turned into a servile and rubber-stamp body, he convened an urgent meeting. Present were the same bishops, many of the abbots of the monasteries throughout Eritrea and other notable personalities of the church. His Holiness, who should have been the only person to convene and Chair any such proceeding, was barred even from attending. Mr. Yoftahe simply read the assembled body a prepared statement, announcing that His Holiness Abune Antonios, henceforth, will no longer perform his function as the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Eritrea…[Go To Full Story]