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ANS – Two recent news releases from China Aid Association (CAA document a shocking escalation of persecution in China. There seems (to RLP) to be a direct correlation between increasing Russian-Chinese-Central Asian solidarity and growing persecution of unsanctioned Protestant Christians in those states. The dictators are uniting to protect their totalitarian regimes through alliances that reduce the influence and leverage of Western human rights and religious liberty advocates. Furthermore, China is systematically strengthening its assault on ‘cults’ (which includes house churches) through ideological training of cadres. These are very concerning developments…CAA reports that in Henan Province on 1 July, 70 Christians in a house church fellowship were holding a baptismal service for 60 new believers when they were raided by police. Pastor Wang Baode and nine others were sentenced to 15 days’ administrative detention, whilst all others present were fined, probably unofficially as no receipts were issued. On 7 July Pastor Cai Zhuohua faced court in Beijing charged with ‘illegal business operations’ for printing more than 200,000 Bibles and other Christian books. (As they were given away and not sold, there was no ‘business’.) He is in prison awaiting sentence. On 22 July, 100 High School students were arrested at a Vocational Bible School in Hebei Province. The Public Security Bureau (PSB) interrogated them for hours before releasing them with the order not to gather again. On 26 July, a 400-member house church fellowship in Shanghai was ordered to close…[Go To Full Story]