Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Compass) – Three months after 250 Christians were arrested in the Eritrean capital for attending a Protestant Christian wedding, 129 of them remain jailed under severe conditions. Initially 70 of the arrested guests identified themselves as members of the government-approved Orthodox, Catholic or Lutheran churches, after which police officials in Asmara released them. Some of the remaining prisoners had their Bibles confiscated and burned in front of them, and all were subjected to insults and mocking because of their faith. The male prisoners were reportedly beaten. A police station commander told the detainees they were in prison because they and their church leaders aimed to “disrupt the peace and unity of the Eritrean people” and eventually overthrow the Eritrean government. In another crackdown, the national Security Office recently ordered all regional administrative offices to identify any Protestant Christians among those applying for new or renewed business licenses.