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ANS – Plans to protect Britain’s Muslim community with a bill to outlaw incitement to religious hatred could backfire on the very people it is designed to help. So says Dr. Clifford Hill, a clergyman sociologist who is Research Director of the Family Matters Institute. Believers in the Muslim holy book, the Koran, could well be accused of breaking such a law should it be passed. For though most British Muslims have never read the book but rely on what their imams tell them (they are forbidden to read it in English), its message is not the peaceful one politically correct politicians and church leaders would have us believe. Commenting on the link between Islam and terrorism in the wake of the London bombings, Dr. Hill said: “There are a number of verses in the Koran that are used by fundamentalist Muslims as justification for acts of terrorism against non-Muslims. For example, ‘You who have believed, do not choose Jews and Christians as friends; they are friends to each other; whoever makes friends of them is one of them.’ (Surah 5.56) And another: ‘Fight against those who do not believe in Allah nor in the last day and do not make forbidden what Allah and his messenger have made forbidden and do not practise the religion of truth.’ (Surah 9.29) Though it is demonstrably true that the vast majority of Muslims are decent, law-abiding and peace-loving citizens, it is a dangerous lie to say there is no connection between Islam and Muslims who carry out acts of indiscriminate murder in the name of the Islamic faith. This only obscures the path to any solution of the problem.”… [Go To Full Story]