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(BosNewsLife) – After a dozen beheadings in the Muslim-majority south, leaflets have appeared reportedly threatening to chop off the ears of any Muslim who works on weekends. Islamist separatists are fighting to restore the south’s long-lost independence from Buddhist-majority Thailand . More than 800 people have died since January 2004 amid bombings, assassinations, arson and other assaults. In rebel-torn Yala province, along the border with Malaysia , intelligence officials are investigating leaflets “urging local residents to stop working on Saturdays and Sundays, or they would have their ears cut off,” the Bangkok Post newspaper has reported. Muslim fundamentalists in the south earlier demanded no one work on Fridays — Islam’s traditional weekly holy day. It comes amid fears within the Christian minority of Thailand that they will become targets as well. Sources with ties to the Thai intelligence services have told BosNewsLife there were fears of a major terror attack, possibly against churches here. …

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