Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – Islamic radicals are in no way concealing their agenda as they campaign for a guilty verdict in the court case involving three Christian women accused of “Christianizing” Muslim children.
Indonesian correspondent known only as Ibrahim B. says their agenda is spelled out in an Indonesian-language book with an English title, Jihad and the Foreign Policy of the Khilafah State.
Ibrahim told ANS the book is freely available in Indonesian bookstores and “teaches a vision of aggressive and violent jihad to establish an Islamic Caliphate, and from there to launch jihad against other nations to bring them into the Islamic Empire. This is the new imperialism and the new colonialism my country is facing, and it is evident in the militant mujahidin who gather at the court in Indramayu each week to demand the death of three accused housewives who cared enough about children to try and save them from a future in prostitution.”