Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Earlier this year, Rebecca Laonita, Ratna Mala Bangun, and Ety Pangesti conducted a “Happy Week” Vacation Bible School-type program in their homes in the village of Haurgelis, West Java. Eventually about a score of Muslim children also attended with permission of their parents. The women were arrested on charges of “Christianization” of Muslim children, and immediately jailed. The court case began June 30. The case is tried only on Thursdays, and fewer militants – 50 to 60 – arrived by truck Thursday than in previous weeks. But their propaganda was no less intense, Ibrahim said. According to Ibrahim, one of their leaders grabbed a megaphone and shouted, “Remember the times of Dutch colonialism! We fought against them with just sharpened bamboo! Our grandfathers shed their blood because of the bullets and bombs of the Dutch. But one man, Diponegoro, became a national hero and stood up against them. You are the ones called to carry out the command of the prophet and you must be just as brave so that you will be able to implement sharia Islam (Islamic law). Are you ready?” The trucked-in militants responded, “Ready! Allahu akbar! [Allah is Greatest!”]…[Go To Full Story]