Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Montagnard Foundation) – The Vietnamese government has forced Degar Christians to abandaon their belief and follow a new belief. This new religion, “Than Tuy” was created by Vietnamese authorities after the Montagnard Degar demonstrations in February 2001. The government assigned three leaders to implement the creation of this new religion in Gai Lai province. Kok Ksor, head of the Montagnard Foundation states, “This new religion created by the Vietnamese government is only a front to control and persecute the Montagnard Degar people. According to our people’s belief as Christians, we have never seen such a type of missionary come to our homelands and force our people to worship their God until now. We believe that human beings can seed the rice-fields but to make the rice grow, what is needed is God. It is the same thing with spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mankind can preach the gospel but only the Holy Spirit of God can make them believe. Therefore, any religion created by a government and that forces people to follow it – is not a true religion. Our people have suffered so much and they cry out to the international community to now protect them.”