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(BosNewsLife) – Saudi Arabia burried King Fahd Tuesday, August 2, amid fears his successor will continue a perceived hard-line policy towards Christians and other religious minorities in the Islamic kingdom. Analysts say Abdullah, who was proclaimed Saudi Arabia ‘s new king, succeeding his half-brother who died on Monday, July 31, is likely to observe the same strict Islamic policies as his predecessor, who was to be buried in an unmarked and simple grave. Nothing marks out King Fahd’s grave from those of others, in accordance with Saudi Arabia ‘s strict Wahhabi brand of Islam, which regards the visiting of graves as idolatry. There will be no mourning period, in line with Wahhabism, which unquestionably accepts Allah’s will. Saudi flags, emblazoned with “There is no God but Allah,” will not be lowered as this is deemed blasphemous.

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