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Iraq’s Muslim Fundamentalists to Rise?

Here’s a great article from “Strategy Page” regarding the different power factions operating inside
Iraq and an interesting note on the rise of fundamentalist Sharia enforcer gangs in the South. Is it any wonder the Iraqi Christians have fled in droves?

Not all the terrorists in Iraq are Sunni Arabs belonging to al Qaeda.
In southern Iraq , Shia Islamic conservatives use death squads and
street gangs to enforce their version of the Islamic life style. This
means women dressing very modestly, and staying out of sight,
no alcohol, even for non-Moslems, no music and movies, no mixing
of men and women outside of family or marriage, and no complaining
about all this.
The police won’t act against the religious gangs, out of fear, or because
they are bribed. This allows the gangs to get away with murder.
The religious gangs are largely composed of Iraqi religious conservatives who fled to
Iran years ago, and returned from exile influenced by the ideas of
religious extremists in Iran .
No one will admit it, but the religious gangs are believed to be supported
(with money and advisors) by Iran (which denies all.) More