Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(AsiaNews) – In an official statement, John Dayal, chairman of the All India Christian Council, reports that a panel set up to investigate allegations of forced conversions levelled at Christians in the district of Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh) concluded that the accusations are baseless and unfounded. That conclusion was reached after the panel toured the district from July 19 to the 21 meeting local representatives of Hindu organisations, Christian missionaries, public and party officials, government officials and social workers. The panel, which visited Alirajpur, Meghnagar, Aamchoor, Jobat and a number of small villages in the district, stopped at both public and missionary-run schools and hospitals. Most of the people panel members met denied the allegations made by Hindu extremists to the effect that Tribals are subject to forced conversions. Even Shri Mahesh Agarwal, a member of several Hindu organisations involved in the anti-conversion campaign, had to admit that in Jhabua many Tribals are drawn to Christianity because of the care and aid they receive from the missionaries and not because they are in any way forced or coerced. …[Go To Full Story]